Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Alec Baldwin Actor and Entrepreneur Knows That Coffee Is For Closers Do You?

I've lived behind guard gates for most of the last 25 years, however during some of those years I've lived with my own guard gates which are usually kept open.

Last night we heard a knock at the door and guess what it was a cold call from a salesman pitching a pest control service.

My better half (arguable) opened the door and with a jubilant greeting the salesman introduced himself and asked, "do you currently have a reliable pest control service that you're happy with?"  She answered, "we're all good in that department."  As she went to close the door he quickly retorted, "who are you using?"

The door to door salesman in me wanted to run to the door and high five this guy but I didn't.

He trap closed her knowing she was giving him the brush off.  Now that's ballsy!

I use very few chemicals for bug control and know that the chemicals are often more dangerous than the bugs.

So what's happening here?  Are we seeing a resurgence in the door to door direct salesman?  Are business owners sick of getting their butts kicked and losing money using pay per click ads?  It's the third knock at the door for direct solicitation that I've had in 6 months and that means something. Of course one of those knocks was from those kids on black bicycles with black ties from the Mormon Church the fastest growing church on the planet.  Maybe that knock doesn't count.

I began knocking doors at 16 pitching Rainbow vacuum cleaners door to door.  I answered an ad that summer that said, "WRITE YOUR OWN PAYCHECK!" that got my intention and bingo I started training to become a door to door salesman pitching a $650 vacuum cleaner 39 years ago.  Rainbows in the day and age of the Shark and Dyson (way under $650) are still selling door to door for close to $3,000.  That's mind blowing.

Could we see door to door selling make a comeback?  I think so and I believe it's born out of frustration for all the dependence we put on websites, and video and pay per click ads.  Do I think we will see an epidemic of door to door pitchman?  I doubt it.  It takes a lot of perseverance to succeed and a lot of gumption to begin.

By the way the summer that I sold Rainbow vacuum cleaners I never made a sale because I didn't know how to close.

Remember what Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross?  "Coffee is For Closers." Once you get this in your mindest succeeding in direct response marketing, direct marketing, or DRTV in a cinch.

Here's the classic clip where Alec goes over the AIDA formula and gets in the face of Jack Lemmon.  If you aren't using the AIDA formula your business is suffering.  This story also appears at Brad Richdale Book and Brad Richdale Business.

                                                 written by Brad Richdale