Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi DRTV and Direct Response Entrepreneur

Not many people know this but Jon Bon Jovi is a brilliant DRTV and Direct Response entrepreneur. He has a unique model in an incredibly competitive industry. His band members are employees and Jon is not only one of the great front men on stage but his head is spinning every day they tour because if there's a huge problem he hears about it and has to deal with it as the employer.

I have no idea how he pulls it off. He doesn't have bad shows and he's at financial risk everywhere because he's writing the checks. Here's what is amazing to me about his business model (which is a global brand) he is always testing new offers on his website to monetize his fan base. He also let's fans occasionally watch a show on You Tube and keeps them connected to the band. He has re-defined pro active as an Entrepreneur.

I know Eric Kline who is a very successful producer and promoter and he told me that Jon is unique. Eric met with him recently about a shoot to promote a new song. All I could do was think to myself, "when does this guy stop?" The answer, "rarely." That's the truth about business if you want to succeed you have to take Jon's approach--you have to plug in and stay plugged in to pull off massive success. With direct marketing you decide how big you want to be if you follow my basic precepts.

Some of us are programmed to run as fast as we can and then drop dead. The Jon Bon Jovi's of the World are everywhere, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, folks that can't rest if their baby, their business, is left in the hands of others.

What I do admire about Jon is he's constantly interested in improving the quality of entertainment that he delivers. He is in an exclusive fraternity that only Bono, Mick Jagger, Roger Daltry, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Tyler are members of.  Unlike those artists he runs the business and always is focused on brand improvement. I first discussed this concept in August 2010 in Brad Richdale scam!

Study Jon Bon Jovi's model and plug in for a while. Check Jon's model out and then go see them live you will get your money's worth.  Remember "have a nice day."


                         Written by Brad Richdale copyright 2011 all rights reserved