Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking News: Fran Tarkenton, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps' Shared Direct Response Marketing Secret

When I was on a TV set shooting with Fran Tarkenton waiting for a set up I asked Fran what was his strategy after the NFL (from a business perspective)?

Fran replied with a simple answer without pausing, "I trade on my name."  I liked that comment and realized that your best asset in life is your name.

Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer in the history of swimming and Ryan Lochte the second best swimmer in history are like Fran Tarkenton they also trade on their name.

Having coached Ryan I know that his professional life is now much like Michael Phelps and Fran FrTarkenton, he has built a name for himself and that's now his most valuable asset.

The good news is the brand that he has created is being leveraged globally just like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. Ryan Lochte is now in the global brand game.

Having sold millions of books, audio recordings, I know Ryan is on to something that few people can compete with....his own brand.

In Direct Marketing one of the biggest trade secrets is while your advertising is like remote control salespeople you get intrinsic value that becomes FREE branding.

Every time Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte appear on TV they build their brand.  Their Direct Marketing Trade Secret is free branding. Another reason why direct marketing is critically important for any business.

                                            written by Brad Richdale Author