Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Search Marketing-Are Perry Marshall, Joe Polish and Frank Kern Delusional About Direct Marketing?

A few months ago Perry Marshall, the globally recognized authority on maximizing your effectiveness on Google pay per click advertising, sent out an email that claimed that email advertising is the most effective way to sell.  I read that email and rather than instantly saying "balderdash" I considered his argument.

I believe I know enough about his business and more importantly about his mindset to actually judge his statement.  I can honestly say that in Perry Marshall's case that his personal and corporate use of email marketing (through Infusion Soft), is the best way for Perry Marshall to make sales.  Please notice that I am qualifying my statement with the best way for Perry Marshall to sell is email marketing.

My argument here is that although Perry Marshall is absolutely flat out wrong about email marketing being the absolute best way to sell--in his case it is the best way to sell.

Perry isn't interested (from my vantage point) in killing himself with a thousand employees printing money by the millions.  Instead he's built a very nice business for himself that meets his needs.  Perry is rational and is cognizant that he has a family, loves to travel and realizes that this life is a one way trip and it goes by fast. For Perry Marshall's specific lifestyle goals email marketing is the best way for him to sell and maintain his sanity.  Of course making the categorical statement that email marketing (for everyone) is the best way of marketing and selling for everyone is total balderdash which I'll tear apart in just a moment.

I'm doing an interview with Perry later this month.  I'm sure I'll say somethings about selling by remote control that will surprise, perhaps even shock him along with his subscribers.

Like Perry, Joe Polish uses Infusion Soft email marketing to run his business.  In both cases Perry and Joe have enticed those that land on their websites with juicy FREE offers (like a FREE eBook) that ask suspects for their email contact information in exchange for FREE information that is targeted for their respondents.

Frank Kern does the same thing although he has switched to another email marketing software abandoning the use of Infusion Soft in his business.

Are these guys right about email marketing being their absolute front line sales method?  I can certainly say that in their specific, individual cases they are absolutely right.

In Frank's case, by his own admission he has less than five employees.  Joe Polish has less than a dozen employees and Perry who probably has more employees than Joe and Frank together is probably still under 25 employees. They have all built very nice lifestyle businesses that revolve around their efforts.

I know this will sound arrogant but I'll prove my point in just a moment--I could quadruple revenues in the case of Joe Polish, Frank Kern or Perry Marshall in less than 90 days.  How?  Simply by creating a lead system that gets RED HOT prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week, week in and week out.

All three Joe, Perry and Frank are staying in a very comfortable place that is very competitive (and partially due to all three and their teachings) is continually becoming more competitive.  They all use FREE offers on the Internet made through email and then continually re-contact the respondents through more email hoping to garner more sales as they do so.

Why don't they simply start advertising on Fox Business Network and CNBC using 60 second DRTV ads selling a book for $19.95, while the stock market is open (which is where the Entrepreneurs are).   By doing so they gather red hot TV leads that can be converted through both inbound and outbound telemarketing to high margin sales.

Here's why this method trumps email marketing...TV leads that get people to buy something in 60 seconds take a great deal of skill to write and produce but they deliver people that are impulsive and by the sheer qualification of having to pay for something the leads are FAR MORE QUALIFIED THAN FREE LEADS!  In the lead universe FREE leads are pitiful!  In simple, somewhat crass terms FREE leads suck.

You see what I know well from far more experience in sales due to my age and experience than Joe, Frank or Perry is that by the far the most effective way of selling is one person pitching another face to face in person.  It's easy to delete email, it's impossible to delete a person that is asking you for the order face to face.

It's also harder to say no to a salesman on the phone when they are calling you after you have purchased something from their company from TV.  Once again this type of selling increases stress, but also increases net profit provided you know how to hire, train and perfect the skills of your sales force.

Here's the lesson and it's a simple one, humans are almost always more effective in selling something to other humans than email, direct mail or telemarketers.

After face to face sales, telemarketing red hot impulsive TV leads is a close second.  In both cases, face to face sales, or out-bounding TV buyers you increase your stress, aggravation, potential lawsuits, but you rocket profits.  Moreover you have created the ultimate lead and sales system that you can crank up or down in volume whenever you want.

Of course the ultimate question is this, "Is the squeeze worth the juice?" I discuss and go into more detail about this at Brad Richdale Business and Brad Richdale Book also.

For the record all three, Perry Marshall, Frank Kern and Joe Polish are fascinating businessmen that I'm rooting for. They've all developed businesses that are extensions of themselves and the life they want to live. That being said email marketing working a data base of FREE inquiries is very easy to manage but it ABSOLUTELY dwarfs in effectiveness to getting leads by TV combined with either in person or over the phone sales people.

The question you have to ask for yourself is do you control your business or does your business control you? I've created a lot of TV sales in my life and can ardently attest that "heavy lifting" involving a lot of employees can be incredibly profitable but can also be incredibly stressful.  You have to make the choice between passive (email marketing) or active marketing (live salespeople) while keeping in mind that one approach is less stressful while the other can systematically print money with a lot more stress.  The choice is up to you whether you are selling a book, a course, a product your business creates or a service your business offers.

                                                  written by Brad Richdale

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