Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Joe Polish Direct Response Marketing Breakthrough!

Last year Joe Polish invited me to a seminar he had in Mesa, Arizona as his guest.  It was the last seminar he was doing for under $10,000.

While there Joe along with Dean Jackson the inventor of the "squeeze page" revealed a simple 9 word email that works like magic to convert prospects into buyers.

Dean and Joe have a weekly podcast entitled I Love Marketing that's tremendous.  I suggest you subscribe to it and listen to it weekly.

Here's the link to this weeks Podcast where aside from the nine word email Joe explains how the Genius Network began.

Here's the nine word email formula for direct response marketing, DRTV follow up sales, and direct sales, "are you still interested in buying a (your product offer in two words).

Joe just wrapped up his annual Genius Network event in New York City.

Enjoy the podcast and get on Joe's mailing list you'll learn a lot.  Like Perry Marshall, Joe came from the Dan Kennedy school of direct response marketing which has spawned some amazing talents.

                                                   written by Brad Richdale