Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Shark Tank Re-Shoot of The Kevin Harrington IGrow Direct To Consumer Medical Marketing Infomerical by Brad Richdale

Have you ever seen Shark Tank with Mark Cuban?

Since Kevin Harrington left the show he's shot a lot of infomercials and done well leveraging his celebrity.

Kevin shot a show for IGrow that bombed.  It cost $300,000 plus points.

I shot this on 4K for $40,000 in one take with under $20,000 in post production.

If you think the new healthcare bill, if there will even be one, will be that much better than the piece of garbage we currently have, commonly known as Obama Care, you're delusional.

The new model is direct marketing medical devices, direct to consumer medical device marketing and direct to consumer medical marketing bypassing insurance which doesn't pay for medical devices (like they used to) and never will again.

In other words medical device companies are going bankrupt, or have more lobbyists than there are members of Congress to protect reimbursements.

If you're a patient, as far as I'm concerned you're on your own in the United States.

The new model is cash.

Those that believe Medicare will always be there are stupid, and delusional.

At some point, the government will have to slash benefits and the U.S. will make Greece and their austerity program look like a day at the beach.  It's already begun you just weren't paying attention.

The problem is medical device companies who can't get reimbursement are incompetent in selling direct fortunately selling direct is my wheelhouse.

Although this is not the final cut, it's very close.  Enjoy it, the short form 60 second and 120 second is about to follow.

                                                    written by Brad Richdale
                                                         copyright 2017