Thursday, July 26, 2018

Can Mel Gibson, Warren Buffet, Jaime Dimon, Jeff Bezos or Donald Trump Fix Healthcare?

(Austin, Texas) July 26, 2019 
In a moment I’ll share a step by step plan to reduce healthcare costs by 45-70% in the next seven years, a goal Mel Gibson, Jaime Dimon, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos would be proud of.

First, let me share a quick story that’s not out of the ordinary in today’s healthcare house of horrors.

On December 25, 2017 I woke up in my hospital room and was told my kidneys were close to failure and that I could die.

I looked at the Doctor and asked, “on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best and one being the worse where do I stand?”

He answered, “you’re close to a zero.  Today you could die.”

I asked, “why?”

He said, “your kidneys have failed, your Doctor kept you on a drug longer than he should have.  He shouldn’t have prescribed this medication for more than 48 hours after surgery.  He probably forgot to stop the medication before he left to go skiing with his family.”

I asked, “what do I do?”
His reply was simple, “call your friends and family, you could die before noon.”

So, I called friends and family.

I had faith that I’d live and not die.  So, did they.

Nonetheless I realized that the most dangerous place in the World isn’t Damascus, Juarez, or Tehran it’s your own hospital!

Old people know it.  They die from screw ups and infections in hospitals every day.

The only two things that work in our medical system is prevention (that’s voluntary not mandatory) and trauma units.

The hospital I was in was incredibly reputable and absolutely filthy.

No wonder people die from infections.  Dirt and death are everywhere.

When I bought a medical technology from Red Poling, the former CEO of Ford before he died I never thought I’d be in the medical industry, yet now I’m glad that I am.

The medical industry is a disaster it’s the perfect industry to disrupt.

The only way to fix the healthcare system is to totally bypass it.

You can’t fix it from the inside out, you can only fix it from the outside by bypassing the system.


The system isn’t designed that way.

Neither was the car industry designed to work by sales from a website but then a crazy person named Elon Musk decided to change it.

Every day I hear the stories that his demise is approaching and that Tesla is doomed.

The only person who gets more negative coverage than Elon Musk is President Trump.

We live in a negative world. 

People love jumping on the risk takers.

Only unstable people with ADHD ever take risks, defy the odds and then crap on their critics.

When they finally prevail, they have suffered from fake news and fake friends.

I’ve experienced both.

So, I hope Jaime Dimon, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos succeed in lowering costs but by using the current system, but it’s absolutely impossible.  

They’re delusional if they think it can be done.

On December 25, 2017 I knew that I would spearhead change in the healthcare system.

I realized that there was shift in my life taking place...I could sense it.

I met a brilliant Scientist and Physicist at the start of 2018.   

They know how to take the technology I own and have created a technology that will transform how all of us will live.

Using an app and low-cost subscription based medical devices we can program how your body works.

Soon, we’ll program longevity, and prevent disease while you and your pets sleep.

If you’re in pain you can program your body to release Opioids and Endorphins.

If you can’t sleep we can help you sleep, even with insomnia. We can release serotonin and melatonin.

We can increase the production of healthy new cells quickly.

We can even improve your heart rate variability.

In all fairness, these shouldn’t be taken as FDA approved claims but based on our code and research we are quite certain we can prevent, reverse and treat many diseases that up until now we’re not treatable except through suffering and in some cases drugs that in many cases will eventually kill you from their side effects.

I’m sure you can understand why we’ve been very stealth about this. 

Some of our internal scientists don’t even know how the technology works. 

Our circle is tight, just three of us understand it but allow me to give you how it works in simple terms.

I’m just a regular person who needs complex ideas broken down to simple ideas.

So, let me break it down for you. 

We’ve turned the interior of the human or an animal’s body into a fiber optic circuit and using light at very specific intervals we can turn on biological functions as easily as turning on a light switch and unlike drugs there are no side effects.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against drugs despite the fact that someone I love is now a quadriplegic in a nursing home for taking a “stroke prevention” drug.

Drugs are sometimes absolutely necessary but technology is smarter without side effects.   

However, drugs are usually cheaper in the short term and well lobbied in Washington.  If an insurance company is lucky the patient will die soon before they have to pay for hospitalization and surgery.
Mask the symptom and ignore the problem is our current mantra.

So it goes. 

For years we’ve been using radio-wave based technology to treat chronic pain conditions instead of highly addictive pain killers.

It works but is a great example of a more expensive procedure than just addicting patients to opiates, which are cheap to make and prescribe.

If you think socialized medicine is better you’re delusional.

I’ve interviewed people that are subjected to socialized medicine.  It sounds great but it’s usually worse than our system which is hard to imagine.   

The whole world is suffering from lousy medical care no matter what you are being told.

The countries where people are the healthiest do have something in common.

People eat differently and they are active.

They don’t buy 36 blueberry muffins on Saturday afternoon.

They also get their asses off the couch.

It’s also not uncommon for them to limit alcohol and drug use (both legal and illegal drugs).

Those three things will prevent healthcare problems and when it comes to health an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Let’s face it in the United States many people (I’ve been there) eat and drink way more than they should.

It’s also easy to get addicted to entertainment and stay on the couch. 

It’s the American way of live and it’s absolutely killing us.

Stress caused by traffic, smartphones, and the exposure to blue light from computers and phones is adding to our lousy diet, drinking, and laziness.

Other than diet, exercise and moderation, technology can really change how we live.

Technology can reduce our dependence on legal and illegal drugs.

Technology can prevent, reverse and treat diseases.

We’ll prove that we can improve your health without changes in diet or exercise on a cellular level.  

We can’t force you to work out but it if you can push a button on an app you will be able to improve your health and longevity, not just for you, but for your favorite pet also.

I want to add two things that are transformative to health and in both cases, we have no interest in.
First and foremost is PRP and biologically compatible stem cells.

The only time I’d consider stem cells that aren’t your own is by going to Dr. Riordan’s stem cell clinic in Panama.  Google Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson and then watch Joe interview Dr. Riordan, it’s mind blowing and takes a little over an hour.

In the U.S. PRP which is the use of your own blood once your platelets have been concentrated can eliminate a lot of surgical procedures.  

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma.

More obtrusive is the use of your own Mesenchymal stem cells taken from your hip and processed from your bone marrow.

The FDA doesn’t allow any other type of cells even stem cells from your stomach (autologous) to be injected although some other countries do.

Any cells not from your body and I’d suggest you go see Dr. Riordan, he’s the only guy I trust and what he did for Mel’s dad was amazing.

I was pleased to see Regennex recently construct a deal with an insurer to avoid the high cost and risk of operations.

Regennex has Doctors globally doing PRP, stem cell and platelet lysate injections for patients with knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and peripheral neuropathy problems.

You can even get a PRP shot for erectile dysfunction and for women who want to increase their orgasms.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Long story short if we can reduce surgeries with PRP and stem cells we can cut costs, cut hospital stays and in many cases fix a lot of problems without downtime.

Of course, there isn’t a powerful lobby for stem cells and PRP, but maybe costs and common sense will soon prevail.

One of our breakthroughs is we have written the code for releasing Mesenchymal stem cells with our technology, stay tuned, we’re about to change biological aging affordably.

Let me shift gears to a company that has transformed my life and my health, Ancestral Supplements just outside Houston, Texas.

Glandular vitamins have been around for a long time but you rarely hear about them.

They use grass fed cattle organs, bone, and every other organ to cause transformation in humans.  In my first months my blood pressure went down dramatically and I lost 15 pounds (I never felt hungry).

In days you’ll discover why glandular vitamins work and thanks to Amazon you can read the reviews on their products and you’ll discover for yourself why glandular vitamins along with technology, PRP, stem cells and exercise could slash healthcare costs by 45-70 percent in the next few years.

Thank God that whether you like Gibson, Trump, Buffet, Dimon or Bezos all five see that our current system is a disaster.

                                                     Written by Brad Richdale
                                                            copyright 2018