Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Secret Sin of Perry Marshall

The other day I was speaking with Internet genius and expert Perry Marshall.  One of the points that I brought up in our conversation is the lack of video on the Internet.  Most savvy people in direct marketing on the Internet know that the use of effectively constructed video will increase sales dramatically.  That's a fact not conjecture.

I asked Perry, "why do you think few internet marketers are using video?"  He felt that there are a couple of reasons, one, a lack of what to do to make a compelling video, and lack of equipment.  I suggested that he start using more video to appeal to the type A, ADHD, Entrepreneur.  For $10,000 you can create excellent movie quality work and you own the equipment and can keep producing great work without using an outside company.  Heck you can even scale down and get a great in office studio with all the software, high powered computer to render video and a great camera for under $5,000.  When you own your equipment and feel like shooting you shoot, period.

The more you are in front of camera the more you grasp how to work with the camera.  The more you step in front of the camera the more confident you get. It's like learning how to ride a bike you will need training wheels--it's a process.

Even if you don't have the equipment you can shoot several high quality pieces at some small studios or rent the equipment for $500 or less.  You could probably shoot three or four videos for under $500, and edit them to your liking (as long as you shoot those videos consecutively during the same filming session).

I also suggest you get a teleprompter and work on your pitch to make it the best you can.  You can buy teleprompters that work with I Pads for less than $150.

To educate yourself tape hours of TV commercials and look for commercials that compel you to act urgently.  Few commercials invoke urgent action.  They are a waste of time and money.  When you get a hand full of great commercials story board those commercials and study the structure of the argument. Granted, instead of sixty seconds (shortest format that is successful on TV) on TV you can have a three or four minute, (and much longer video on line) as long as it's compelling and holds the viewer.

Most of the videos I see on line are really dysfunctional and don't have any real format to them.  A lot of people disclose that they just want to increase awareness with video.  If that's you you're missing the point. The purpose should be to make the sales process consistently perfect with video.  Next to in person, or over the phone sales there is nothing like video for driving sales on line.  It's a lot easier to watch TV then it is to read.  Keeping this in mind is important in order to achieve direct response marketing, direct marketing or DRTV success.

Start watching commercials more intently than regular programming when you are watching TV and start studying the structure of the copy, the call to action, the guarantee that is used, and most of all the claims.

                                                  written by Brad Richdale